Khaptad, Nepal

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Altitude: 3000m

District: Doti, Bajura, Bajhang, Achham

Zone: Seti

Distance from Kathmandu:  446km air distance

Latitude:  29° 21' 15" N

Longitude: 81° 04' 24" E

Avg. temperature: 10 to 20 deg. Celsius



Khaptad is a beautiful and mysterious land unknown to outsiders.


 It owns a spectacular yet mysterious grasslands and forests. The conifer and broad-leaf forests are found abundantly here. The forests also cocoon Rhododendrons, firs, oaks, dense bamboo and herbs.  Wide ranges of medicinal herbs of about 224 species are found among the forests. Around 135 species of flowers are also available.


The landscapes of Khaptad are very diverse. It is surrounded with vegetation ranging from sub-tropical, sub-alpine to temperate. The land boasts about 226 bird species and 20 different species of mammals. It is notably a major habitat for Musk-deer, Leopard, Bear, Koklas, Kaliz, wild boar, Goral, Yellow throated Martin, wild dogs, Jackal, Bulbuls, Cocoos, Eagle, Danphe, Himalayan Black bear, Langur monkey and Impeyan.


Khaptad national Park covers around 225 sq. km.


Major Attractions of Khaptad:

1.       Khaptad National Park

2.       Badimalik

3.       Ramaroshan

4.       Shaileshwori

5.       Surma Devi and Surma Sarovar


Meditational site:

1.       Khaptad Baba Ashram

2.       Ganesh Temple

3.       Nagdhunga

4.       Kedardhunga

5.       Sahasra Linga (a religious site located  above 3200m from sea level)


Alcohol, Tobacco and sacrificing are strongly prohibited in this region.


The perfect timing to visit Khaptad is from March to April and October to November. 

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