Kakani- A place you must visit once while in Nepal

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It was saturday morning. I along with my co-workers headed towards Kakani, one of the best recreational desination filled with adventures.
We started our trip together from Balaju by-pass and is only twenty-five kilometers  from north-west of Kathmandu.
It took us around one and half hours to reach to Kakani from Kathmandu.

It is situated in the Nuwakot district of the Bagmati Zone in central Nepal.

We can use different means of transportation facilities like buses,cars and motorbykes. In recent years, this place has also grown various adventures sport such as nature trails, bike riding, rock climbing, trekking, hiking and fishing etc.This place is more popular from bike riding point of view.We also enjoyed bike riding a lot.
Besides there are also different restaurants and lodges which provide fresh fishes like Trout along the way so that we can enjoy eating fishes and this can be considered as popular site for fish. Along the way there is also famous Osho Tapoban International Commune.

It has uninterrupted dramatic view of the different Himalayan ranges and We were so amazed by the magnificient views of mountain

ranges which includes Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, Manasalu, Dhaulagiri ranges etc. Apart from the mountains, the place is also covered by lush green forest hill on one edge while the high rising gorges on the other side form heart touching scenery of almost unreal landscape, terrace cultivations along the Highway of Trisuli Road.

There is also a British Gurkhas welfare bungalow  and a park made in the memory of the victims of  Thai Airways International Flight.
We can also find strawberry farming done by a local farmers which is being supported by united Nations Development Programme.

The Place is utterly enriched with natural beauty, snowy mountains and greeneries of trees and is just unexplainable through words

I can definitely say that this is the ultimate destination for relaxation, adventure, recreation and picnic activities.

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