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Altitude: 6000 Ft.

District: Ilam

Zone: Mechi

Distance from Kathmandu: 272 km

Travelling Option: Bus

Latitude: 26° 54' 28.44"N

Longitude: 87° 55' 32.88"E

Temperature: 40°F to 60°F


Ilam is a beautiful place usually popular for Tea Plantation. It rests peacefully on the lap of the third highest Mountain in the world ‘Mt.Kanchenjunga’. ’Kanyam’ is the biggest tea plantation estate around the area even if there are other estates around the town which could be seen very clearly as the first thing as soon as you get down your ride.


But the fun does not just end there…


If you’re looking for some good sight-seeing while still losing some sweat, you could definitely go for hiking to ‘Mai Pokhari’ which is surrounded delightfully by Orchid trees. It’s about 4 and half hour from the town.


If you’re looking for hard-core adventurous hiking then ‘Sandakpur’ would definitely be your answer. It is about 24 hours long. You could definitely enjoy great view of ‘Sunrise’ and ‘sunset’ from the cliff. It’s a must see, I tell you. You could also get there the other way round by paying some fee to the taxi.


Well, again if you are not much of a hiker, you could still see a lovely sunset hiking about 4-5 hours from the town to “Sri Antu Hill”. Don’t underestimate it. It’s highly recommended by the Tourists.


Again, if you are big on fishing, you could catch on with the locals. They would be more than eager to help you out chasing down those aquatics in the water in ‘Mai Khola’. It’s about 5 miles away.


There are various accommodating, clean and restful hotels out there. Home-stay facilities are also available in the Bazzar. You could seek them out simply by talking to the locals. Oh yes the locals! They are wonderful with lot of smiles. Don’t miss out those youngsters eyeing you curiously. They are going to be a great help. They can help you plan Hotels, trips, bargain and even accompany you to help with the trails. What’s more? They can speak English quite fluently.


Brahmin, chhetri and Lepchas ethnic groups stay in Ilam.


The best time to visit Ilam is October-December and February-April.


Some of the lovely lookouts in Illam:

1.       Fikkal

2.       Namsaling

3.       Mai Pokhara

4.       Kanyam

5.       Sandakpur

6.       Siddhi Thumka

7.       Chinntapu




1.       Pathibhara Temple

2.       Mai Beni

3.       Gajur Mukhi



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