Godawari-One of My Favourite Place

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Godawari - one of my Favorite Place

It is one of the favorite places for picnic, trekking and hiking destination situated on the foot of Pulchowki hill in Lalitpur District of Central Nepal.

Since we didn’t have enough time to go out of Kathmandu Valley due to work we decided to Visit Godawari (good for one day trip) and one of the best destinations for recreational activities, rich natural sceneries, greeneries of trees and peaceful environment. We can reach there by any means of transportation like cars, bikes and nowadays lots of micro buses are available on the way so people can now easily reach there. One can really enjoy the view of small villages and their cultures along the way.

We can feel its importance by the name itself as it represents the name of flower. We can also see Godawari Botanical garden consisting of variety of flowers, orchids, butterflies, rare and unique kind of birds and several fast flowing streams. This place can also be considered as one of the sacred site due to Godawari Kunda (Godawari Spring). People around the Nepal also come here to take dip into the water during Godawari Mela or the festival. This festival takes place every twelve years for celebration. We too enjoyed a holy bath there.

There is also Nepal Asahaya BalGhar (Nepal Helpless Children’s Home) in Godawari dedicated for the orphan children in Nepal. It is one of the non-governmental organizations with an objective of helping orphan children and solely depends on private donation.

This place is also popular for producing different kinds of marbles. There are also different hotels and resorts like Hotel View Bhrikuti, Godawari Village Resort etc. popular in Godawari.

The place is full of splendid natural beauty and is good for nature lovers and for those who want some kind of refreshment, excitement in Life.

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