Bhedetar, Nepal

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Altitude:  1420m

District: Sunsari

Zone: Koshi

Distance from Dharan: 16km north

Travel Options: Bus, Taxi



Also known as ‘Sailung Danda’ in Nepal, Bhedetar is a place which cannot be missed. It’s actually a small hill station. In the past, long before the Koshi Highway was made, people from hilly regions took Bhedetar as a gateway to ‘Dharan’. It therefore wasn’t originally designed for tourism. It was merely a bus stop for some lunch and breakfast. Later, the stop grew into a town. And it was then that many hotels and restaurants took interest and developed it further to assist tourists for a comfortable stay and good food.


It is said that the name was given by the travellers itself. Since there were lots of ‘sheep/ Bheda’ in this place, they found it suitable to brand it as ‘Bhedetar’ (place where there are lots of Bheda).


There is a built-in tower often known as ‘Charles Tower’ which allows people to view the lush green landscapes, ‘Sapta Koshi’, the valley beneath and some mysteriously beautiful Hills. The tower was developed by the Village Committee after Prince Charles of Britain stopped by to have a look. The tower thus earned its name from the Prince.


The place remains cool throughout the year. And therefore people often come by here to escape the summer heat. And the fun part is that the experience worth a million dollar actually fits into your small pockets.


You may feel it’s not a lot while reading my review. But trust me apart from rafting, boating, paragliding, trekking and hiking, if you’re looking for some cool and peaceful place with a great view, Bhedetar is definitely your answer.

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