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Altitude: 1030 m

District: Tanahu

Zone: Gandaki

Distance from Kathmandu: 143 km to the west

Travelling Options: Hiking, Bus, Jeep

Latitudes:  27.56 N

Longitudes:  84.25 E



Bandipur maybe a favourite site for tourism today but it has a long history which is as interesting as the village itself. It was used specially for trade links to Tibet and India. Many tourist Confuse that Bandipur National Park is also in Nepal but it's in India.  If we go back to history, Bandipur was given permission to own a library to itself by the ‘Ranas’ which still exists today. 


The town boasts 18th century architecture and untouched traditional existence of Newari culture.


The landscapes in Bandipur offers 200 species of forest Plants, 35 species of wild-life and 70 species of birds.


Things to do at Bandipur:

1.       Bandipur hiking

2.       Sight-seeing

3.       Visit pilgrimage

4.       Rock-climbing

5.       Cycling

6.       Camping

7.       Getting Acquainted with wildlife and vegetation


Major Attractions of Bandipur:

1.       Thani Mai

2.       Tin Dhara

3.       Raniban

4.       Siddha Cave

5.       Ramkot Village

6.       Gurungchhe hill


Major Pilgrimage destinations:

1.       Mahalaxmi Temple

2.       Khadga Devi Temple

3.       Bindhabasini Temple

4.       Chandithan

5.       Narayan Temple

6.       Paharpani Mahadev


There are numerous Resorts in Bandipur offering good services and good accommodation.

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