An amazing one day hike outside Kathmandu, at Balthali, Panauti

Posted on Jul 25, 2012 by ER Saurav Shrestha under Tour

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On Friday evening 20th July 2012, I got an invitation from my collage friend for a hiking at Naikap, Kathmandu next day at 10:00 A.M. So on Saturday six of us, four boys and two girls met at Kalimati near Kathmandu Engineering Collage and headed toward Naikap. When we reached there we found that no one really know where the actual place for hiking is. So we asked the local residents about the place to hike and searched that place till 11:00 A.M. but couldn’t find that very location. Then one of my friend said “let’s go to Balthali”, it’s a peace and quite village full of natural habitat at Panauti 40 Km southeast from Kathmandu.
We decided to visit the Balthali Resort on the hill top, so we turned our bikes and headed to Panauti through Arniko Highway. We reached the mid-point, the base of the Balthali Resort at around 1:00 P.M. and stopped near the Suspension Bridge. We crossed the bridge and took some photographs on the bridge and of the beautiful scenery seen from it. The bridge was so high that the River was seen like a small cannel. Two of my friends were over weighted because of which the two girls were afraid to cross the bridge. But thankfully the bridge was able to hold all of us. 
After fun at the bridge we continued our journey towards the Resort. As we moved from the Suspension Bridge, the road got rougher, sloppy and mostly steep. The road was 90 % steep and slippery till that very Resort. At time we had to drop our friends at the back of our bikes and make them walk because of the dangerous nature of the road. We reached the Resort at 1:30 P.M. and after reaching at the top of the hill we saw that Resort and were breathing a fresh air of success. The trip from the base of the hill to the very top was really an adventure. “Wow what a view” my friends started to shout. We felt like we were too far away from city. It’s a typical Village; you can see typical Nepali houses, people and lots of things. Also the Resort was too good, we all welcomed with welcome drinks. Their hospitality really impressed me and my gang as well. 
We started with some snacks and beer, boys had eight beers and girls enjoyed themselves with fine French red wine. After finishing our drinks, we decided to head towards the Roshi River. From the top of the Resort we can hear the River flowing. In the city we won’t be able to see any clean rivers, even more we won’t get a chance to hear that sound of them flowing. So without waiting any further we all headed towards the Roshi River. After walking almost 20 minutes downhill from the back side of the Resort, we reached the very River. Can anyone guess what we did? Yes we all played at the River and tried to cross it. The height of the River was almost 2 to 3 feet. Many of us especially the girls were so afraid and slipped while crossing the River. But we all were able to cross it and reach the other end. After crossing the River, two of my friends jumped into the water and started swimming with their clothes on. It was really funny but was a fun. Well Swimming was not in our list so it was a surprise for us. Well was like a dream come true for most of my friends as they was so eager to swim at the River from their childhood. 

We all spend about two hours there in the River then we all decided to return towards the Resort. Then within 45 minutes we all reached the top of the hill at the Resort and start ordering Local Nepali food, which was quite delicious. So it was almost 6 pm in the evening and we all had to reach home on time as well. So after enjoying biking, hiking, swimming we headed towards our homes. We all will remember this very day’s tour in our whole life time as one of the best tour we had.

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