Manakamana (The goddess who fulfills ones wish)

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                                                                                                                         Altitude: 1302 m

District: Gorkha

Zone: Gandaki

Distance from Kathmandu: 105 km



Manakama as explained by ancient history on 17th century is a reincarnation of the then Queen of Gorkha and wife of Ram Shah. Upon knowing the truth behind his wife, Ram shah died instantly leaving behind Lakhan Thapa who was the devotee of his queen. It is said that a Farmer found a stone while digging ground from which milk and blood is said to have poured into the ground. As soon as Lakhan Thapa heard this incident, he called for a priest to perform some sacred pooja to stop the flow of milk and blood from the stone. He later made a Temple out of it which is today known as ‘Manakamana’.


It is also widely believed that whoever goes to Manakamana with a wish never returns empty handed. Goddess of Manakamana grants every wish of her devotees.


Previously before Cable car was established in the region, devotees used to hike the 4-5 hours trek to Manakamana from Kurintar.


However, by 1998 Cable cars were brought from Austria to ease the path of devotees. There are around 31 carriers for the route and 3 freight carriers.


It is basically a Pagoda styled temple which due to its location offers a wide range of spectacular mountains like Mansalu, Annapurna and Himalchuli and Trishuli and Marsyangdi rivers.


So you see, even if you are not the sort of temple-going person, you got to be here just to see the portrait of history and enjoy the view the location offers.

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