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Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is one of the beautiful city in Asia with its rich culture, multi-lingual people and caste and of course its natural beauty, landscape and climate. Kathmandu is such a city where you can find anything without a hassle. Goods from all over the world, top class brands and services are not unknown for so called top- class folks residing in Kathmandu. Hotels, sport bars, gaming zones, restaurants, theaters are continuously increasing in number. Likewise, one of the most recent development in Kathmandu is in terms of leisure is 'Mall Culture'.  Number of malls with goods from all around world and top class services is increasing day by day in Kathmandu. City center, Civil Mall, People’s plaza   is some of the good examples of good malls in Kathmandu. Recently, Civil Trade Center, a new mall in K-town with all the facilities under one roof has started its operation. Civil Trade Center (CTC) is such a destination which you could not only consider for shopping purpose but also for various other fun activities.  CTC has lots of prospect, starting with its parking facility. CTC has a spacious and safe parking space for your vehicle. With minimum cost you can park your vehicle at parking zone @ CTC.
The ground floor of CTC has a ample space where any type small concerts or shows can be conducted with ease. Multiple clothing stores for gents and ladies wear are also available in the same floor. CTC has a facility of escalators and elevators in each of its floor so that the customers have eased while roaming over the floors. In each of the floors of CTC you can find nice shops of apparels, shoes and accessories both for men and women and also for kids. In one of the floor of CTC mall, you can find a shop where nice bed sheets, summer quilts and blankets are also available, which is one the best feature among all alike malls in the city. A nice and well-designed food court where foods from all over the world can be tasted is another plus point of CTC.
Pakistani, Thai, Japanese, Chinese cuisines are available in best prices with wonderful taste. Likewise, some space for entertaining 'cute customers' (kids) is also maintained at the food court. Kids can enjoy and play as much as they want in such a nice environment while their parents make themselves busy with trying different foods and snacks. One of the new concepts in food court is 'hanging chairs'. Hanging chairs, like small swings is designed at CTC food court where you can sit and enjoy quality time with your loved one with nice cuisines from all over the world.
Also, A nice view of Kathmandu valley can be observed from the food court as it’s in the 6th floor of the mall. In addition to these, a movie theatre is also coming up soon in CTC to entertain all the movie lovers of the city. CTC has remarked that the theatre will be one of the big and technologically perfect over all theaters in Kathmandu. With all these features, CTC mall is one of the best place in Kathmandu to shop, to entertain ourselves and most importantly to make ourselves happy.


Recently they have opened the new theatre which is also known as Cine de chef .  It has a really a good facility and good architecture.


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