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Shopping (a blissful experience)


Shopping? What am I to write about it? Everyone is crazy about it! They know the definition by heart and are ready to jump at any chances they get even for window- shopping. This is a human trait and very common despite of religion, race, culture, sex, origin or country.

Shopping in Nepal is no different than any country.

The only difference is that we do not access a lot through internet. We simply visit the shops physically and buy what we like.

Online shopping is an emerging trend in Nepal and you can no doubt find it in the web. But it’s emerging and there is not lot to see for the time being. So we have to depend on Malls for that matter. It gives us wide variety to choose from. Malls have varieties ranging from clothing, books, and accessories, play things, movie theaters, Banquet, halls for programs, Restaurants, Street foods lining in the territory just outside the building, etc.

Numerous malls are being opened in Nepal. Some have already proved their worth while some are keeping up and there are some just registered and are promising to provide more alternatives when they open it.

One of the reasons for such high-starters for malls is due to its unduly advantage of parking space which has become a major problem in the open local market.

I’d better list out the malls in Kathmandu which I am acquainted with and which will definitely help you hit home.

1.       Kathmandu Mall

2.       Sherpa mall

3.       City Centre

4.       Civil mall

5.       People’s Plaza

6.       Bluebird Mall

Civil Trade Center (CTC)

Moreover, if you are not up to above Malls then you can simply visit the infamous local markets of Kathmandu in New road and Thamel (this market is generally designed for Tourists).

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