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Nepal is very proud at its expertise in making very lovely yet priceless products at its home country. Most of the productions are labor-intensive and hand-made thus creating unmatchable quality to it. The products come with various quality and quantity. They are not only available in the local market but are also found abundantly in the international market.

Even if you don’t get them lying in the shelf or hung over the hangers of your favorite shop you will definitely find them in the numerous websites created by Nepalese just for your convenience.

Some of your most sought-after items made in Nepal are collectively listed down:


1.       Clothing (male/ female, baby and Kids)

2.       Accessories

3.       Silver Jewelries

4.       Organic products (soap/aromatic pillow)

5.       Pashmina Products

6.       Shawl and Scarves

7.       Silk products/recycled

8.       Nepali local products (Mithila arts/musical traditional instruments/puppets)

9.       Leather products (handmade)

10.   Products of Hemp (bags, purse, mobile keeping purse)

11.   Traditional Nepali arts/crafts/statue/decorative

12.   Nepali handmade paper

13.   Nepali products using Nepali paper (lamp covers/frame/puppets)

14.   Handmade purse/bags/clutch

15.   Post-cards/stickers

16.   Religious products (garlands)

17.   Waste used products

18.   Accessories and jewelries made of bone (rings/bangles/bracelets)

19.   Kashmiri products (handloom/linen sheets)


Above all this the use of waste products in making wonderful yet attractive baskets, show-pieces, mattress, door mat, tray, shopping bag, trash container, container, box, pen-holder, etc. are some of the most worthy investment ever done by Nepal.


These are made out of chocolate-cover, noodles and other dry fruits.


I hope this really helped you out.


How about start shopping now? And yes! They are really cheap.

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