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There are various rivers in Nepal which fulfills the thrill of Rafting. Some of them are listed below if you are planning to do Rafting in Nepal

1) Bhotekoshi River

Rafting here is for short timing but the thrill and adrenaline rush is no exception. Even though the surrounding is great, the never-ending rapid action will leave you just no time to enjoy the scenery around. It is the steepest river in Nepal.

2)Karnali River:

This river is ideal for long trip rafting. It will definitely allow you to rejoice in spectacular scenery and great rapid action. You will be continuously exposed to unique wildlife experience along the drag.

3) Sunkoshi River:

One of the most peculiar things about this rafting is the ever changing background. The rapids start with forests, high mountains and remote villages and end at the plains. Moreover, the river has its own mood to suit. It may get you relaxed being very steady and serene one moment, and blood pumping mad the other moment. It is a complete package of core-adventure in the water.

4) Kali-Gandaki River:

It is a rather scenery oriented travel through water. The traditional villages of various ethnic groups like Magar, Chhetri can be narrowed down across the sidelines. Plus wildlife glimpses and Annapurna Mountain Range can be spotted along the way.

5) Trishuli River:

This is a short routed rafting designed for scenery-lovers. It promises rather beautiful views along the way and stays steady and peaceful throughout the period of rafting. It is great for even first-timers.

6) Seti River:

If you are looking for some sight-seeing like bird- watching and jungle-peeking then Seti River is great for you. It is generally popular for Family trips.

7)Tamur River:

Being a 6th largest river in Nepal, Tamur River exposes you to beaches and valleys, with glimpses of wildlife.

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