Rafting at Trisuli River

Posted on May 28, 2012 by ER Saurav Shrestha under Rafting

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We left Kathmandu at about 0600 Hours and drove approximately 3 hrs. to Fishling, our put-in point. After we had our breakfast we headed towards the beach. Then the crew assembles the raft, they explained the safety equipment and proper procedures.

During the day, we ran a numbers of rapids, that rate to 2 to 3. All the rapids had been given Nepali and English names: our guide related the story behind each one.

As the canyon narrows the walls became steep, densely, forested, the current accelerates and the rapids increased in the size and frequency. This is the time to hang on.

After such a stimulating experience, it is humbling to see a Majhi (Fisherman) building his precarious traps in such turbulence. Our last rapid, Offset 2, was the most dangerous and thrilling one. While we were dealing with Offset 2 one of my friend named Sirish was gobbled by it. But thankfully we were able to rescue him without any serious injuries.

Finally, we finished our breath taking adventure and had our lunch at the stop point. We really enjoyed returning home singing and dancing on the bus.

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