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If you want to feel the night life in NEPAL , you can enjoy in  Kathmandu or Pokhara specially. Both places are famous for night entertainment. Most of the People come to NEPAL by air and book their hotels at Thamel, Kathmandu. Thamel is really famous for tourist and night life. At Thamel you can find many pubs, bars, money exchange, Handicraft shop, Fast food, coffee cafe, Internet café, Taxi , Travel agency , rafting rovider, bungy provider and more related with tour and  travel. You can find advertising board at each house saying  about bar or travel agency or Service provider.  You might find this place crowded as the crowed is almost 70 percent of foreigner. You can see the menu outside the restaurant door.  You can find the restaurant which serves you Indian , Italian ,Chinese , Japanese , German etc items. I mean to say you can get Asian, European, Intercontinental , almost every kind of food and beverages.

Best Night Clubs in Kathmandu:

There are amazing best Night clubs in Kathmandu if you want to experience the amazing Night life in Kathmandu. The party side of the Kathmandu has the best of the restaurants, Live music bars, crowds and much more to enjoy full nights.  

Night life in Kathmandu

At Kathmandu you can also visit to Patan area or Jhamel which is a new area with different kind of restaurant and bars. Both Patan and Ghamel is 5-6 Km from Thamel area. At Thamel you can also listen to live music , enjoy the disco parties, spend you good time at tequila bar and beer bar.If  you are a beer lover then please be aware of its price. In Nepal right now most of the restaurant and bar charges Rs 300-400 for each. It would be great if you choose to visit Nepal at Christmas time or new year time , because at this time ,the environment of Kathamandu, pokhara is awesome. Pokhara city is much more cleaner than Kathmandu and the price of beer is also little bit low in compare to Kathmandu, good thing is that you can bargain the price of beer and other alcohol in Pokhara.You can see the nature of each restaurant and bar in Pokhara are quite bigger and cleaner in compare to Thamel Area.

Night Life in Pokhara

Pokhara is 190 km away from Kathmandu, you need maximum of 5 hours day to reach Pokhara  by bus or you can take flight from Tribhuwan International Airport in order to reach there in half an hour. You can also find good tourist bus services from Kathmandu to Pokhara. In Pokhara during Christmas to New year you can feel like night festival  in the air along with  awesome crowd , tranqulity  and the scene of lake and mountains, the true beauty of Nepal. Lake Side area is famous for all the above mention entertainment in Pokhara. 
Hope from this information will entice you to taste the night life of NEPAL with typical Nepali culture.

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