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Hemingways in Kathmandu

I was in Kathmandu for a weeklong holiday. Walking towards Thamel, I saw this
signboard saying “Bar Café Hemingway’s”. Now I am a fan of the Old Man so had
to check out the place. As soon as you walk up to the bar, you feel that the Old
Man himself invited you to the place. The warm ambience has been adorned
by posters and quotes of Hemingway and is probably the only bar which has
superbly captured an acclaimed author as its theme. Hemingway’s is divided
into three seating arrangements: the main bar with a typical pub feel to it, feels
like you are back in the UK, an outdoor terrace with a lot of greenery and a small
relaxed room with tightly packed sofas. The last room could use with more
decorations in the walls.

The staffs are nice and friendly, though not all of them may understand English
perfectly. The bartender is a pleasant fellow with a penchant for coming up
with superb cocktails if you just tell him the base you want. The bar menu is
way longer than the food menu. The drinks are modestly priced and since they
don’t have extra service charge, the final bill comes out lower than you expected.
Keeping in line with the theme of the bar, they have even come up with some
new cocktails as a tribute to Hemingway. Try the “Six Toed Cat” for sure. Even
though the food menu might be small, they have some really good ”momos”.
Some of the main fares are excellent. Try the “meat balls with mashed potatoes”
or the “Schezuan chicken with rice”. What you really enjoy about the place is
the music that they play. The playlists encompass a wide variety of songs but
somehow you always find yourself humming along or tapping along to it.

Talking to one of the owners of the establishment, he explained to me that they
wanted to create a typical bar with local pub feel to it. His feeling was that there
were too many restaurants in Kathmandu, which sold alcohol but were not really
bars, they were either lounges or just dishing out drinks with no tradition to
bars. Well, I couldn’t have agreed more that they have managed to give that pub
feel at Hemingway’s in Kathmandu. My only suggestion was that they print t-
shirts as mementos. I would love to enter a Hemingway’s in the mainland with a
T shirt from the top of the world.

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