Lasermaxx Kathmandu laser tag facility of Nepal

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Lasermaxx Kathmandu is the first laser tag facility of Nepal! Whether you are looking to hang out with your friends, planning a group party or if you’re looking for the best corporate team building event you’ve ever had, Lasermaxx Kathmandu is your solution!

They offer you an inexpensive, adrenaline rushing, action packed adventure of the future for the whole family! At Lasermaxx they have no age or height requirements, so anyone big enough to carry the equipment is welcome to play.

Lasermaxx Kathmandu is part of Kings of Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Opening hours:

Open 7 days a week from 10:00 to 20:00 (up to 22:00 upon request).

What is laser tag?
Laser tag is amazing! It’s an action-packed game for young and old. It involves shooting your opponents with a laser gun. Points are earned by shooting your opponent and lost when you get shot. Several game types can be played, like Free for All, Teams, Capture the Flag or Capture the Base.
Where is Laser tag in Kathmandu Nepal?
Lasermaxx Kathmandu is the first laser tag arena of Nepal. They are located at Civil Mall, Sundhara, Kathmandu. Bookings can be made through our website:  

What is the difference between laser tag and paintball?
With laser tag you fire infrared light beams at your opponent. Because of these light beams, you can fire way more accurate over a longer distance than with a paintball gun. Also there is no risk of getting injured by the light beam, whereas the paintball pellets do leave stains on your clothes and bruises on your body.

Can the lasers hurt your eyes?
No, the lasers they use are completely safe. Therefore  it’s also unnecessary to wear eye-protection.

Is laser tag dangerous to play?
Laser tag is a physical game, so there is always some risk involved as with any physical activity. If you follow the rules however, the risks of getting injured are minimal.

What equipment is used?
very player will receive a vest and a laser gun. The vests have hit points on the front, back and shoulders. There is an additional hit point on the gun as well! The gun fires a laser and an infrared beam, similar to the those in TV-remotes. Hits registered by the vest are transferred wireless to the computer, so cheating is impossible. After you are hit, your gun will be deactivated for 5 seconds. Use this time wisely to get out of the line of fire!

What should I wear?
There are no requirements, but we recommend that you wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Because laser tag is an active game, they also recommend closed shoes. For the ladies: please don’t wear high heels! You won’t be able to move around as quickly as your opponents and risk spraining your ankles.

Is there any age or height requirement?
No! Anyone who is able to wear the vest is allowed to play. Usually anyone above 8 years of age is able to carry the vest (2.3 kg). If you are not sure about your child, they will let them try on the vest before they play the game.
Do you need a reservation?
A reservation is not needed, but is encouraged. Especially if you are planning to come with a larger group. In the weekends the games fill up and they won’t be able to guarantee that you can play at your desired time without a reservation. Reservations can be easily made through our website. Just select your preferred time and leave your name and contact details. If you make an reservation, they ask you to pick up your tickets 30 minutes before your game starts.

How are the teams formed?
The teams are put together by the Lasermaxx staff. If you have specific requests, you can make them known by our staff and they will try to work those in.

Is it just my group playing?
Most of the time you’ll be playing with other people in addition to you and your friends. All of our games are open to the public. If it is possible however, they can try to arrange a game for just you and your friends if your group is large enough. The only way to guarantee that you’ll be playing with just  you and your friends is to fill the entire arena, meaning with at least 20 people… Or to buy the additional spots as well if your group is smaller than 20.

How many people can play?
The maximum amount of players per game in our arena is 20. You can play individually or in teams. There can be a maximum of 6 teams in one game.

How long is each game?
The length of one game of laser tag will be about 25 minutes from start to finish. This includes the instruction, taking the vests on and off again and receiving your scorecards.

What are the costs?
The first game costs 300 Rs. Every game after that will cost you an additional 200 Rs. This means that two games will cost you 500 Rs in total, 3 games will be 700 Rs.

Is it allowed to take food from outside?
No, they have an attached restaurant where you can order anything that you desire. The only food that you are allowed to take from outside are birthday cakes for birthday parties. If you are planning to have a birthday party at Lasermaxx, please also view our party packages!
You can book through their website or you can call 9818171067.

Right now they've opened up a small venue at the ground floor of Civil Mall, but they are still working on our main venue. That will be on the 4th floor (at the back). The arena there will be twice as big and they'll be able to handle 20 players at a time (instead of 12 downstaris). Also they'll have an attached bar and restaurant!
All information were from their official site:
ALso you can visit thier facebook page as well:

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