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OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Death toll in Nepal severe weather reaches 41, at least 10 people remain missing in the Annapurna region(1:45 PM)

MAJOR UPDATES: Avalanche death toll  39, over 280 rescued,according to Ministry of Culture,Tourism &Civil Aviation

Facebook Page for Avalanche Updates: Click Here, Name list in Excel(Search your Name and their Status)

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Tuesday Updates: 2014/10/21


Sunday Updats : 2014/10/19

Trekking disaster toll reaches 39


Saturday Updates: 2014/10/18


Six Indian trekkers rescued from Manaslu Region
Six Indian trekkers have been rescued from Manaslu region October 18, 2014.

Dr Rajesh Modgekar
Dr Sandesh Sankhe
Dr Sanjay Pevekar
Dr Mangesh Prabhulkar
Dr Prem Gonsalves
Dr Prasad Chirravuri

Two Americas and two Nepali rescued from Manaslu Region
Two Americas and two Nepali support staff have been rescued from Manaslu region on October 18, 2014.

Mrs. Chandler Hana Antonie - USA
Strampach Norman Alan - USA
Lakpa Sherpa - Nepali
Mundup Sherpa - Nepali

289 live rescued
Until today 289 lives have been rescued from different parts of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri areas, 20 dead bodies have been recovered and 19 peoples are still missing (9 in Sangda-La of Dhaulagiri region and 10 in Nar-Phu region in Manang).

Name list of Belgian trekkers, Nepali support staff rescued today
Here is the list of Belgian trekkers and Nepali support staff who were rescued from Huk village near Mustang-Dolpa border on Saturday. They are being flown to Kathmandu. As per their itinerary, they were scheduled to return to Jomsom on October 15.

1 Pierre Ludovicus Verelst (Belgian)

2 Paul Caroline Julien Hendrix (Belgian)

3 Josef Louisa versmissen (Belgian)

4 Herman peter dimphna (Belgian)

5 Karma Jit Budha Magar (Guide)

6 Phurba Sherpa (Cook)

7 Chaite Budha Magar (Sherpa)

8 Sunil Budha Magar (Kitchen boy)

9 Jiban Budha Magar (Porter)

10 Purna Bir Magars (Porter)

4 Belgians, 6 Nepali support rescued
Four Belgians and six Nepali support staff have been rescued from Huk village which lies near the border of Mustang and Dolpa districts. They were on Jomsom-Dolpo Trek. The resued trekkers and support staff are currently in Jomsom.

(1:00 PM Update)
Emergency workers have so far rescued 385 people from the affected area, according to police. "Since Wednesday, we have rescued 385 people, including 180 foreigners," said police official Harikrishna KC.
TAAN Updates: Dead body of a Japanese Trekkers recovered
A rescue team recovered a dead body of Japanese trekker from Muktinath side of Thorang-La on Saturday morning. According to the TIMS card received with body it is descovered  Mrs Jun botakanu and she was trekking with a companion Mrs Ichzjt Sakamo whose body was recovered on October 16 from the same region.  The body is brought down to Jomsom, team says.

2 swiss 1 Nepali rescued from Sangda-La region
Joint Rescue team has rescued 2 Swiss and 1 Nepal porter rescued from Sangda La Area. More are stranded in the region the victim says.

Updates from TAAN ( 8:00 AM )

Rescue workers safely brought down 37 trekkers, including 12 Nepali support staff, to Muktinath on Friday.
Eight trekkers from France, seven from Germany, three from India, three from Austria, and one each from Australia, Italy, Britain and Switzerland have been rescued from Thorang Pass (5416 meters) to Muktinath on Friday. TAAN had deployed an AS 350 B3 helicopter for rescue purpose.
Similarly, five bodies – two Slovakians and three Nepali support staff – have been brought from Beni to Kathmandu. They perished in the snow when an avalanche hit them at Dhaulagiri Base Camp.
Likewise, seven bodies – of three Israelis, three Nepalis and one Polish – have been brought to Kathmandu. The bodies have been kept at TU Teaching Hospital.
Meanwhile, the blizzard has so far claimed 16 lives in the Mustang section of the Annapurna Circuit trek. Of the deceased, 5 are from Nepal, 3 each from Israel and Poland, and 2 from Indians. Similarly, identity of three bodies has yet to be ascertained. The bodies of two Indians are still in Muktinath.


Rescued (Alive)  On 17 Oct From Thorung La (Mustang) of Annapurna Circuit

Nepali natives:

- Ram Prasad Adhikari, Gorkha.

- Man Bahadur Gurung, Gorkha.

- Sujan Buda Priti (Chitwan)- Oxford Eng. College.

- Pujan Thapa ( Chitwan) - Oxford College.

- Lal Bahadur Ghising , Dolakha.

- Ram Bdr Pariyar, Tanahun,

- Rishi Adhikari, Gorkha, Nepal Vision Trek

- Ram Kumar Karki, Solu ( Golden Nepal Trek)

- Chakra Rai, ( Base Camp Trek) , Sankuwa Sabha

- Sambhu Karki, Solu ( Golden Nepal Trek)

- Prakash Poudel, Shyanja, Nepal Tours N Travels

- Purna Rai, Pokhara, Sisne Rover Trek

- Kebal Ghimire, Pokhara, Sisne Rover Trek

(13 Pax)



- Dr Mr Kumal Bhatyacharya, 34 Years

- Mr Govinda Mandal, 57 Yrs

- Ms Veerabhadrappa Besur, 36 Yrs



- Ms Maryline Oesmard, Pp: 11cl91201

- Mr Xavier Le Dorand, Pp: 14ac66313

- Ms Elise Cormorand, Pp: 07a431786

- Mr Murrate Mathleu, Pp: 14av68463

- Mr Paquier Florent, Pp: 14cb51855

- Mr Dupin Mark, Pp: 09pl689733

- Mr Emric Minart, Pp: 09ad05986

- Mr Swiuel Wenoz, Pp: Q9pc23052




- Mr Kraus Dietrich, Pp: 621410367

- Ms Kraus Geb. Cornella, Pp: 621410366

- Ms Angel Annett Marion, Pp: Cg58z5y05

- Mr Wacker Enriko, Pp: Cg58v7nr7

- Mr Kleveman Joachim, Pp: C7jn7x91

- Mr Michael Kraus , Pp: C8j459v6t

- Mr Roland Feic, Pp: Cf8428cw

- Mr Christian Versen, Pp: C748yrg2




- Ms Wagesreiter Nadine, Pp: P7488462

- Ms Faworka Isabella, Pp: P1235461

- Mr Harkus Andreas, Pp: P5777638




- Mr Honegger Jong, Pp: X2080694




- Ms Ward Katie Vivlenne, Pp: N8019308




- Mr Michael James Scott, Pp: 116093208



- Mr Raccuia Tindaro, Pp: D562528



Dead Declared :

- Mr Santa Bahadur Tamang, Kavre, ( Nepal Ecological Treks) - Nepal.

- Japanese Natives (2 Pax, Details yet to come)

- Mr Arup Roy Chaudhary , West Bengal, - India.

(4 pax found dead)

- See more at:

Friday Updates: 2014/10/17

TAAN Updates at 5:00 PM
37 rescued from Thorang Pass:

Thirty-seven trekkers, including Nepali support staff, were rescued from Thorang Pass on Friday. Those rescued are: 12 Nepalis, 7 Germans, 8 French, 3 Austrian, 3 Indians, 1 Australian, 1 Italian, 1 British and 1 Swiss.
Details with official declaration are still to come.

Video after rescued by Nepal Army:

Safe List Name found on Facebook and Twitter:

Chris Anderson and Jonathan Potter from San Francisco are safe.
Dawson Vlessides is also SAFE from cameroon.
Jean and Scott Graham from the US are safe
Eric and Mario are safe. He called me right now. They is with other people in a hostel in Tarka. I tell him that call me again with the names of people there. They are waiting best weather to down.
Thierry Ansart, Pierre Marie Blanquart, Julien Louf, Martin Louf and Anne Clémence Roussel are safe!

4 Italians rescued from Tukuche Base Camp
Four Italians have been rescued and brought to Pokhara from Tukuche Peak Base Camp.
Heli rescue underway from Thorang Pass ((1:00 PM))
Trekkers and trekking staff stranded in Thorang Pass are being rescued. According to rescue workers, around 40 are in need of rescue.

Four dead bodies brought to Mustang,(12:30 PM)
Rescue workers brought down four dead bodies from Doomcamp to Jomsom on Friday morning. Two are Nepali support staff, including Santa Bahadur Tamang of Nepal Ecological Treks, while remaining two are foreingers. The identity of two foreigners and one Nepali support staff has not been ascertained.

A Chiese tourist died in Ghandruk along the Annapurna Trekking Route last night. Name is not confirmed yet.



Thursday Updates: 2014/10/16

Latest Update from TAAN 7:00 PM Nepali Standard Time 10/16/2014, Rescue team of Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN) rescued 17 trekkers from Nar-Phu and Tilicho Lake areas of Manang on Wednesday. Of the trekkers rescued on Wednesday: 17 are Israelis, 29 Nepalis, 5 Indonesians, 10 Germans, 5 Spanish, 4 Indians, 3 Canadians, 2 Russians, and 2 Polish.


SN   Natinality Name
1   Israel   Omer Postel
2   Israel   Dor Bakran Boyarsky
3   Israel   Shabat Halgoa
4   Israel   Yhonatan Levi
5   Israel   Stav Yaacov
6   Israel   Teva Avraham Salemon
7   Israel   Orpaz Gane Lerther
8   Israel   Lior  Kaplan
9   Israel   Moran Tamang
10   Israel   Rachel Kanevsky
11   Israel   Gil zysberg
12   Israel   stav amdursky
13   Israel   Omri Ben Efraim
14   Israel   Merav Dahari
15   Israel   Yael Dahari
16   Israel   Efrat Friedrich
17   Nepal   Durga Bhatta
18   Nepal   Bhim Tamang
19   Nepal   Arjun Bhutel
20   Nepal   Sanjib Sherpa
21   Nepal   Mukesh
22   Nepal   Mingma Sherpa
23   Nepal   Muskan Lama
24   Nepal   Cham Prasad Pun
25   Nepal   Babulal Moktan
26   Nepal   Ujjwal Lamichhane
27   Nepal   Mitra Bahadur Tamang
28   Nepal   Rabin Ghale
29   Nepal   Indra Tamang
30   Nepal   Milan Tamang
31   Nepal   Bikas Tamang
32   Nepal   Salla Tamang
33   Nepal   DB Tamang
34   Nepal   Hira Tamang
35   Nepal   Furba Tamang
36   Nepal   Jagat Tamang
37   Indonesia Raharjo Satrio
38   Indonesia Aderahmat
39   Indonesia Gabriel Triwswastono
40   Indonesia Agung Sutisastoro
41   Indonesia Paido Patyagabran
42   Spain   Carlos Bustamante
43   Spain   Isabel Guijarro Ateinza
44   Spain   Esperanxa Nanrid Veld
45   germany   Zelder Astrid
46   Spain   Jaume Bosch
47   Israel   Yhanattan Lcvi
48   poland   Dominika Janakowiak
49   poland   Adam Lada
50   germany   Schurri Beatiice
51   germany   Schurr Ranfred
52   germany   Bochtiz Ranfred
53   germany   Auci Edgar
54   germany   Jaroschu Stafan
55   germany   Vcrich Horsd
56   germany   Colin Paresson
57   germany   Brifitte Peterson
58   germany   Tinley Peterson
59   russian   Anton Devinchenskiy
60   russian   Ksenia Chigazkova
61   Spain   Oile marrase
62   Nepal   Suresh Pariyar
63   Nepal   Raju Khadka
64   Nepal   Sonam Gurung
65   Nepal   Purna Bahadur Gurung
66   india   Mitra Ramchandra
67   india   Ranajit Dutta
68   india   Subharmoy Ghosh
69   india   Pratha Banerjee

More than 200+ is now in Contact; KEEP Praying. ( Still we did not get any name list ) 12:47 PM 10/16/2014 Nepal standard Time

FEDI: 20 Nepali, 40 Tourist (In Contact)
Tlicho: 25 Nepali, 105 Tourist (In Contact)

UPDATE: Avalanche kills 4 in Mustang, 18 buried in Manang, Myagdi; 34 rescued

List of known people who were rescued so far: ( Will update once we get the official information)


Update at: 5:00PM, 2014/10/16

Death toll so far: 32 as per the news Annapurna Post, according to them, list of those who lost their lives on avalanche ( Following Information source is from:

Sherpa Adventure:
Jan Matik ( Slovakia)
Veldamir Savancer,
Manoj Kumar Rai
Gopal Rai
Dorje Sherpa

At mustang those who lost their lives:
Navad (Isreal)
Robert Durkers (POland)
Pasang Sherpa

Updates from News site:

Security personnel have rescued fourteen people stranded in the snowstorm from Phu VDC of Manang district on Thursday.

Five Nepalis, four Indian, three Canadian, one Swiss and 1 Singaporean national were rescued today morning from the site which is two days walk distance from district headquarters Chame.

Updates from TAAN:
Indian trekkers -- Mitra Ramchandra, Ranajit Dutta, Subhamoy Ghosh, Pratha Banerjee -- have been rescued from Phu area in Manang, according to Nepal Alternative Treks. Three other Indian trekkers of the group -- Sunil Sen, Tathagata Jana and Indranil Ghosh -- are still missing.

Poor visibility halts rescue works:Rescue works in Manang and Mustang districts have been stopped due to poor visibility. Rescue works will resume on Friday morning.
Detailed report is coming.

10 dead bodies brought down from Phu:
Rescue workers have brought down 10 dead bodies from Kangla Pass-Phu area of Manang to district headquarters Chame. Deceased yet to be identified.
22 more trekkers stranded in Tilicho have been airlifted to Humde by a MI-17 helicopter

TAAN rescue team rescued four Israeli trekkers from Tilicho area. They have been brought to Manang. Their identity yet to be ascertained.

Five more Israelis rescued from Tilicho area by TAAN team. They have been brought to Manang. In total 9 tourists operated by Swissa's Adventure Treks have been rescued from the area.

According to our rescue team, the trail between Thorang Phedi and Thorang Pass is now clear.


Tourist info:

So far: 12 dead body found including 8 tourist , still 300+ were missing in that Area.


Latest Update:


9:58 AM, 10/16/2014: 244 were rescued to MUKTINATH, all are in good condition.

9:30 AM, 10/16/2014

: 2 Helicopter charter moved rescue operation

: 14 People were rescued and move to kathmandu, 8 peoples are in Normal condition.


Yesterday: According to TAAN
"Five bodies have been recovered from Phu area in Manang. Four of the deceased are Canadian and one is from India. Panorama Himalaya has confirmed death of its three Canadian clients in an avalanche. It has rescued three Canadian trekkers. Similarly, Nepal Hidden Trek has confirmed death of a Canadian woman.
Many trekkers are missing or stranded in different areas in the Annapurna region like Tilicho Lake, Dhaulagiri Base Camp, Phu and Thorang Pass and Larke Base Camp in Manaslu Region."



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