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I’m sure by 1st July 2012 today, most of the people who are reading this article, are already acquainted with the knowledge that the Government of Nepal has declared 2012 as “Visit Lumbini Year 2012”, opening the paths for many who have this wild dream of visiting Nepal, the birth-place of lord ‘Gautama Buddha’.



Tracing back to history, ‘Siddhartha Gautama’ the prince of Kapilvastu was born in Nepal at Lumbini which is today a ‘world heritage site’ as declared by UNESCO.


This Pilgrimage site for many Buddhists who come from all over the world is located in the South-west Nepal. It is regarded as a ‘sample of piece’ and ‘Light of Asia’.


Lumbini for Buddhists is more like ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Bethlehem’ for Christians. Jerusalem was a birth place of ‘Jesus Christ’.


What can you do at Lumbini?

1.       Visit Maya Devi Temple

2.       Ancient Sites of Gotihawa, Tilaurakot, Kudan and Lumbini

3.       Ancient areas of Devdaha and Rangram


However, you can also have a very peaceful spiritual walk around the village overlooking beautiful sites of Lumbini. Your walk actually begins with ‘Maya Devi Temple’ which has been renovated recently. It is also one of the best sites among all other valuable ones in Lumbini. You can see a stone image of Maya Devi who is holding onto a branch while giving birth to Gautama Buddha. Nearby you could also come across an Asoka Pillar which was built by an Indian Emperor after returning from a bloody brutal war. He is said to have finally found piece while doing so. On a further note, you could see lush gardens and old Stupas and Monasteries also having holy significances.


You could also enjoy seeing some International Monasteries build by countries like Germany, China, Myanmar, Korea and Thailand.


Plus, do not miss hiking all along the distinct colorful villages of the sacred land of Peace.

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