Coca-Cola partners with Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon for a cleaner, greener Nepal

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Coca-Cola has  partnered with the Tenzing Hillary- Everest Marathon as part of its global commitment towards the climate change for the 6th consecutive time. The Company has taken this partnership to the next level by launching a corporate cleanliness initiative by joining hands with the ‘Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee’. The initiative aims to collect and recycle plastic waste to create a cleaner and healthier environment and also aims to educate and encourage the people of Nepal on plastic waste contamination and recycling benefits.

Salman Rawn, Country Manager- Nepal, Coca-Cola SABCO; Shadab Khan- Country Manager- Nepal, Coca-Cola Far East Ltd.; Nandini Lahe Thapa, Senior Director, Nepal Tourism Board; Thanktok Ang Dorjee Sherpa, Chairman, Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee and Bikram Pandy, Chairman, Himalaya Expedition announced the partnership. Swati Lohia, an associate of Coca-Cola SABCO, who travelled to Antarctica with Sir Robert Swan on a special international expedition earlier this year, presented to elaborate upon Coca-Cola’ focus on sustainability and the adverse impact of global warming and climate change on our environment.

The Company is planning to use the funds generated by corporate partners and organizations to create dustbins and storage units made from discarded plastic waste.  Re-using plastic for the betterment of the environment will help to create a cleaner and green surrounding and encourage people across Nepal to recycle waste.

“The Coca-Cola Company places a strong emphasis on being a sustainable business in the countries in which it operates. Across the world, the Company undertakes various programs to work with local partners and communities on various issues like water and sanitation, environmental protection and promoting a healthy active lifestyle. One of the key focus areas for our Company is Climate Change, therefore we are committed on making Nepal a cleaner place through our partnership with the Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon” said Shadab Khan, Country Manager- Nepal, Coca-Cola Far East Ltd.

Salman Rawn, Country Manager Coca-Cola SABCO said “Through its partnership with the Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon, Coca-Cola Nepal has been bringing together marathon runners and participants from across the world since 2008 for a green cause. The Marathon is a way for the Company to spread awareness on environmental protection, by creating a positive and sustainable change for the greater Sagarmatha area.”

Ms. Nandini Lahe Thapa, Senior Director, Nepal Tourism Board and Mr. Bikram Pandey, Chairman, Himalaya Expedition also spoke on the occasion about the benefit that this partnership yields.

Etihad Airways, Surya Nepal, Standard Charted Bank and Everest Bank have joined hand with Coco Cola in this endevaour.

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