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Gorkha, Aug.  26: CC camera is to be installed at the Manakamana Temple area which is famous historical, archaeological and religious tourism site in Gorkha district. The CC camera will be installed in view of the security as there is the movement of many people including high ranking officials, devotees and worshippers coming to the temple daily. The camera is being installed in view of the renovation of the temple, said chairman of the Manakamana Area Development Committee, Dinesh Joshi.  
Although the camera has been received in grant, it will cost Rs. 300,000 for its installation, said Joshi.  The control room of the camera is at Nepal Police building near the temple, the committee said. The committee has removed shops and camera shops in view of the welfare of the devotees and the management. The temple has worships by thousands of devotees conducted daily except for Aunsi days as per lunar calendar.

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