Lion’s Den Pub in Sauraha: A must visit place in Sauraha

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It was Christmas Eve and as per the plan we were all ready to celebrate it at Sauraha this time. Being frank , when the trip to  Sauraha comes , Jungle, and the River side was only in my mind. Few years back, when we were in Sauraha, me including my friends were surprised to see that the whole market closes down around 8 PM and tourists are left with no option also there was no any live music or any happening place to enjoy.

We were traveling as per the expectation but this time there was something new that was so exciting and happening in Sauraha. Sauraha got its first Pub this Christmas. LIONS Den Pub is launched recently in Sauraha which gives tourists with the next things to do at Sauraha, which includes live music and dance. 

The exact Location of Lion’s den is Bachhauli-2, Ratnanagar municipality 18, which is ideally situated near luxury hotels and just a short distance from Sauraha, offering a convenient destination for local fans and international travelers alike.


With around 14,000 square feet of space, their state-of- the-art pub features 500 seats divided into four distinct sections, a stage for live performances, Bar area, Family Lounge and a mezzanine floor for VIPs. An irresistible menu consisting of authentic Nepali cuisine along with classic American cuisine, including burgers, sandwiches and salads, awaits to awaken your taste buds, while local flavor is also represented by a section consisting of favorites like chicken steaks and more. Lion’s Den is equally socially responsible and keeping this term it is an amazingly sound proof pub in Sauraha which is caters to Sauraha’s Nature and Wildlife.

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