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Dear All,
Last Wednesday, we had an amazing Travel Chat session- # AdvtravelChat!  First of all, we would like to thank everyone who participated and supported us. For those who missed the Twitter chat session, we have listed out the questions along with the answers received from the active participants. Please have a look, its very good to have such a session and we really appreciate everyone who participated?


Question 1 :Welcome to #AdvTravelChat! We're talking Nepal adventures! What Nepal Adventures have you taken? 


So we got the follwing answers from the participant.



Question 2 : Why is Nepal a good place for adventure travel? ?


Answers from the participant.


Question 3 : If you could only chose one, Everest base camp or Annapurna Circuit & why?



Question 4 : What’s your favorite memory of adventurous transportation in Nepal? 


Question 5 : What’s your favorite trekking food in Nepal? 


Question 6 : Sherpa or carry gear yourself & go it alone in Nepal?

 Q6. Sherpa or carry gear yourself & go it alone in Nepal? #AdvTravelChat


Question 7 : What non-hiking adventures have you done in Nepal? 


Question 8 : What hiking advice can you give for Nepal? 


Question 9 : What’s on your Nepal Adventure bucket list?



Question 10: Share a photo of yourself on a Nepal Adventure!?


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