Immigration: Entering inside Nepal by Air

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Entering into Tribhuvan International Airport Nepal:
There are 4 steps involved till you are out of the airport:
1. Immigration clearance:
As soon as you step into the arrival hall, you need to fill up the Immigration forms.There are 2 separate forms: One for Nepalese and one for Foreigners.Please choose the appropriate form and fill it.The questions in this form are typical immigration forms.
There are only 5-6 counters for immigration clearance.If you are lucky and there are not many other flights, you can get this clearance.If there are other big boeings etc landing, then the queue can get pretty long and at times can take just 30 minutes to get immigration clearance.Please check this link  to know if you need a prior visa or if you are eligible for visa on arrival and the duration for the stay with that visa.
Click here for more visa info.

2. Baggage Claim:
Again, there are only 3 conveyer belts.The belt number for your flight is displayed on the TV as soon as you come down the escalator from the immigration floor.If there is a flight which landed before you, then your luggage won't be put on the belt till all luggage from the previous flight is claimed.You might not get the luggage trolly also in such case at times as the airport has limited resources. Minimum waiting time for luggage as per my experience in the best and worst cases is 15 mins.Please be a little patient here.Please make sure that you collect the right luggage. Before you exit, there will be airport officials who will cross check the luggage tag on bag and the one on the boarding pass.

3. Declaration : Green channel and Red channel
If you have USD, then carrying more than $2,000 Usd needs to be declared.Also, using indian currency of higher currency denomination than 100 is illegal in Nepal.You can carry some INR 500 and INR 1,000notes and not use them during your stay in Nepal.Indian currency (INr 100) are accepted almost in all the places in Nepal except for banking transaction in Nepal where you need to 1st convert them to Nepalese currency.

4. Luggage scanning
Nepal is the only country I have seen which does the luggage screening before it enters the country.
If you want taxis, please take them before you exit the gate. Else, you will meet a lot of taxi drivers who will quote different rates. You can avoid this by choosing a rental car from inside airport.It will be a little expensive but hassle free especially if you are just entering inside the country.
Once you are outside the gate,you can easily see people standing to receive you.In case you are going solo, then proceed to the taxi stand.There is no concept of airport shuttle running inside kathmandu yet.Pelase remember that if you are a foreigner then the local taxi drivers have tendency to hike their charges and not go by meter as well.

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