Foreign Currency Exchange in Nepal ( Banks or Money Changers)

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When you land in Nepal, the first things that come to your mind is foreign currency exchange in Nepal. There are many options for doing that. One you can get that in TIA Airport ( International Airport), You will see many money exchange at Kathmandu, Pokhara. Even the topmost hotels will have their exchange provider inside their premises.

Can I exchange all the foreign currency in Nepal?
No, you cannot exchange all the foreign currencies here in Nepal. Actually, NRB ( Nepal Rastra Bank, Central Bank of Nepal) has listed 18-20 country currency which can be the only exchange in Nepal.

Where can I exchange foreign currency in Nepal?
You can exchange your foreign currency in Bank or in Money Exchanger. There are number of Banks as well as dedicated money exchanger can be found easily in main City area (Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan etc.)

Can I exchange money on Tribhuvan Internation Airport on arrival?
Yes, you can exchange your money on Airport, you can find exchanger on International Airport.

Do I need to submit any document to exchange money?
Yes, you need to show them your original passport and has to provide them a photocopy of your passport. And also you need to show arrival date in your passport.

What’s difference between exchanging money on Bank or Money Changers?
Actually, the only difference is Exchange Procedure and Rates. In Bank, you have to fill up a number of forms where as in Money exchange you are not required to fill up any form and it is quite easy and faster one. And in Bank, you will get the published exchange rate where as in Money Exchange you will get lesser rate bank.

Where can I find money exchangers in Kathmandu?
In Kathmandu you can find lots of Money exchangers around Thamel, Lazimpath, New Road ( Basantapur), Bouddha, Swyambhu etc.

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