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Renovation of the historic Bajrashil Mahabihar (monastery) based at Yangal Tole of Kathmandu Metropolis-21 has started.The renovation works have started at the initiative of the Kathmandu Metropolis Heritage Conservation Department and Bajrashil Mahabihar Conservation Committee.The Monastery is believed to have been built by the historic king Dharmakar as directed by Manjushree. According to myth, Manjushree was the first person who had established human settlement in the Kathmandu valley. According to Bajrashil Mahabihar Conservation Committee Secretary Sirjan Bajracharya, the Mahabihar is considered as the most ancient monasteries among 18 monasteries in Kathmandu Valley.It is learnt that of the budget necessary for renovation, 60 percent will be borne by the Department itself while the remaining amount will be managed from the locals. The renovation cost is estimated to stand at Rs. 4.5 million.The area covered by the 35 feet high monastery is around 1,000 square feet of land.


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