Putt Putt Mini Golf at Civil Mall Kathmandu Nepal

Posted on Jun 20, 2012 by rkunwar under Miscellaneous

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Note: Putt Putt Mini Golf closed. 

It was a weekend and me and my friends made a plan to watch a movie at civil mall Kathmandu, Sundhara. So after watching the movie we decided to sign off. So suddenly we came to see Putt Putt Mini Golf at the ground floor of Civil Mall. We all were confused and started looking at it. Whole Ground Floor is occupied by the Putt Putt and we all were ready to try at least. Its area was almost 21000 sq ft and it contains 18 holes. The good thing about mini golf is that you don’t need to be expert at all. Its quite easy and really a Fun. Well ticket price was Rs 200 and they had some offers as well. And if you come in group then you would get some discount. But we were only a group of  six all together. Seriously I really enjoyed playing mini golf and that was my first golf experience. Whole of the ground floor was fully air conditioned and all of the 18 holes had some different structure. Some were sloppy, some were straight and all the holes had some tactics in order to Score. So beside playing inside PUTT PUTT we can see, mini bar as well, new architectural structure of whole ground and we also enjoyed watching other people trying to Score. Its was really fun when some one took 20-30 times attempt to score while other can score just do it in 2-3 shot.
I must say, it’s a great place to enjoy and anyone can take all the fun at the PUTT PUTT ground.

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