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What is it to be a Nepali?

As everyone would like to call it, being Nepali is not just about dealing with the problems of water-supply or load-shedding or bad economy. It’s actually about accepting those short-coming and still being able to aim to walk shoulder to shoulder with the top-notch countries in the World.


After all what’s there that we actually lack?


We have around 5000 rivers and 200 lakes making us the second largest country for water resources in the world.


We have an army to boast about. We are in fact the brave ‘Gurkhas’. I mean that’s what we are famous for.


We have the highest mountain in the world, the ‘Mount Everest’. Plus 8 highest mountains in the world are located in Nepal.


It is Nepal where ‘Gautam Buddha’ had chosen to take birth.


We have the shortest man in the world ‘Khagendra Thapa’ with a height of 67.08 cm.


‘Temba Tshering Sherpa’ is the youngest successful Mount Everest climber in the world who was 16 back then.


‘Kame Sharma’ is the only man in the world who has climbed Mount Everest three times in nine days


‘Samsher Lamsal’ is the longest non-stop two- wheeler rider in the world. He did it for 25 hours continuously.


‘Deepak Sharma Bajgain’ has been the longest continuous reader in the world. He successfully read for 113 hours and 15 min in the reading marathon competition. He is the ‘Youngest controller of table-tennis ball with a table tennis bat’. He did it in ‘4hrs, 39min and 52s’.Also he was able to lick 70 stamps in 1 min which is another world record for him. For the record, he also tore 41 envelopes in half in 30 second. Bajgain also ate 34 cloves of garlic in one minute.


We have the tallest ‘Lord Shiva’ statue in the world of about 144 ft.


‘Anuradha Koirala’ has been awarded as the CNN hero of 2010.She along with her groups has saved more than 12000 women and girls from trafficking.


‘Bipaswi Podyal’ aged 10 has won the title of ‘Little Miss World 2011’ beating 44 little girls of various other countries over the world.


‘Captain Rambahadur Limbu’ is the ‘Victoria Cross Youngest living recipient’ who was born in Nepal on November 1939.


 ‘Min Bahadur Sherchan’ is the oldest man to climb the Mt. Everest at 76 years and 340 days.


‘Thaneswar Guragain’ was able to set the world record when he passed 96 times through a tennis racket in 3 min and also able to set another world record when he did the same thing 38 times in a min. He also could spin a ‘Guinness World Record Book’ in the finger for 30 minutes and 1.08 seconds.


‘Rohit Timilsina’ was able to hold 21 tennis balls in one hand for 14.32 seconds.


‘Ambika Niraula’ was able to blow 129 consecutive fire flames by mouth without refueling.


‘Apa Sherpa’ reached Mount Everest for the 21st time. It’s the maximum number of times anyone has ever climbed the mountain so far.


‘Lakpa Sherpa’ climbed the Mount Everest for 5th time on 2nd June 2005 beating all other women for the record.


‘Dinesh Timilsina and Pawan Timilsina’ were able to set the new record for the longest Handshake so far for about 42 hours and 35 minutes’.


‘Rirendra Shrestha’ a 2 year and 2 days old boy is the world’s Youngest Professional Photographer.


Lastly ‘Nepali Eco Everest Expeditions’ broke the record for ‘Largest Clear-Up on Everest’ on 1st Jan 2010.

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