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Nepal is rich in water resources be it rivers or lake. There are more than 6000 rivers and 200 lakes in Nepal. As a matter of fact, Nepal is the second richest country in the world for water resources. On that note, it is not shocking to reveal that various boating as well and fishing activities are common in Nepal.

Some very appropriate yet lovely boating experiences can be taken from few lakes. These are listed down for your easy overview.

Phewa Lake:          Located in Pokhara

Rupa Lake:             Located in Pokhara

Narayani Lake:      Located in Chitwan

Rapti Lake:             Located in Pokhara

Begnas Lake:          Located in Chitwan

Boating Details in Nepal:

Row-boats, Pedal-driven boats and Sail boats are available for boating in above mentioned locations. Hiring one or all of these is authorized.  You could row the boat and feel the freedom in the cool lakes by yourself. 

Other than rafting, boating can also be taken seriously for some fun. The swaying and dancing of boats in the lakes are indeed pleasurable. Unlike rafting, boating helps you to unfold passing scenery around you. It helps you to reach the feeling of peace and Tranquility.

Fishing Details in Nepal:

Fishing is one of the major occupations in Nepal. It is generally done by few ethnic groups like Bhote, Majhi, Tharu, and Machhuwar.

However, there are some lakes where Fish-hunting is extremely prohibited. Even during fishing in Rapti, Koshi and Narayani, special care should be taken with Dolphins and Crocodiles.

For Fishing, Koshi, Karnali, Indrawati and Betrawati rivers are very popular. Moreover, Buddhi Gandaki and Ankhu Khola are yet another destination for Fishing. February-April and October-December is the most happening time for fishing in Nepal. However, it can still be done throughout the year.

About 118 species of fish are found in Nepal. Even though sport-fishing is not advertised in Nepal, it’s possible. Mahseer, cat-fish, rainbow trout, common trout, Murrel and crap are most-sought-after fishes that are found in the Himalayan waters. Jalkapur and Gonch are yet another species of Fish found in Nepal. 

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