Bishhajari Taal

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Where is Bish Hajari Taal Located ?

It is Located near Bharatpur, Bishaajari taal is all surrounded by Tikauli jungle. The Bishajaari taal is under the supervision of royal Chitwan national park. It is a beautiful lake and a good habitat for aquatic animals. This is one of the good place for Jungle Safari and Bird Watching.

How to go to Bish Hajari Taal ? 

Me and my husband while returning from Sauraha just made a plan to visit Bishajaari taal. We saw a board displaying Bishajaari Taal is just 5 KM away from there. So we planned to visit there. As we were on bike, at first we were little scared to enter inside the jungle as we did not have any idea about wildlife inside that jungle. But later on we knew that it is not so danger as the jungle is under the protection of army. It was just an amazing experience for us to go there on a bike ride. Huge chirping of birds and different amazing sounds of animals inside the jungle was making our ride more interesting. At a point we also saw a wild boar roaming here and there for food. Many tourist and special van like bus were on the journey to Bishajaari Taal. One of the important things to be noticed while entering into the jungle is that we cannot make horn sound. And the speed limit should also be maintained minimum. After an about 25 minutes ride straight along the jungle we reached Bishajaari Taal. It was a beautiful lake located at a very beautiful and peaceful place. After spending peaceful time with my dear husband we started clicking pictures of our own and of course of the beautiful place so that it will be in our memory forever.

There was also an army battalion camp near the lake.

One of the drawback I saw there was that the lake is not promoted so well. As it is so beautiful it can be a good destination for tourist attraction. We can see some benches and waiting huts in the banks of lake but it was not maintained at minimum also. If the concerned authority provide some care to the lake and the area it will be a great tourist destination.

Bishajaari Taal can be a nice spot for nature lovers as it is surrounded by gorgeous jungle and thousands of aquatic animals in the lake adds more beauty to the lake.

Quick Facts of Bish Hajari Taal

Distance from Main Highway : 5KM

Time to reach on ride: 20-25 Min

How is the Road: Since it is under National Park so the road is not pitched.

Is it Dangerous, Do Animal Attack us: There are 2 Army Check Points of the way for visitors safety

Safety Idea: There is a chances of Attack by Crocodile , so do no try to go near the lake and try to do swim on the Lake.

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