Trolling around Kathmandu Valley

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Trolling Around Kathmandu valley!!

I see Kathmandu as crowd, crowd of different kinds type and nature. The real pleasure of crowd comes when u troll around Asan, Indrachowk and Basantapur, seeing the various types of crowd. If you stay around these region and you are not in any hurry then better leave your bike or car and take a foot-ride along these pathways. The fragrance of the various "Masalas" and the crowd of the people give the real essence of being in Kathmandu. The various type of vendors and possibly shops of every items makes it a best shopping destination for every housewife! And If you want to experience a jam of human just walk around these area during the occasion of Dashain and tihar which falls in September-October. You will be stucked within the human mass with nowhere to go, and its enjoyable than the ride in Micro-van(public transport most common) of Kathmandu.

The next best place for trolling is Mangal bazaar of Patan!! The fun we get in travelling around patan is different! The whole city doesn't look like city and in every 10 to 15 footstep you will get one or more temple. Bangalamukhi Temple (better to go on Thrusday), The golden Temple and Patan Darbar Complex are the major point of attraction. You can just stay around Krisna Temple and enjoy the view of crowd around.

What if you not are big fan of crowd?? Kathmandu has more places for the peace lover!! All the hills around Kathmandu valley is the best hiking spots for all nature and peace lover.

The hiking destinations which I have travelled around and found best are:

1. Godavari to Fulchowki: After taking a bus from Lagankhel Buspark to  Godavari, the path of hiking starts. You can take a wide gravelled road or the old way through the forest (But Be careful while taking these ways, there are more chance of being lost). There is a army base camp at the top and a temple of Kali. Don't miss the helipad. The cold water of Gadavari will quench all your tiredness after returning. The mesmerizing view of rhododendron is best in month of April.

2. GodamChaur to Lakuri Banjyang and back to Godavari: This is quite a longer route and passes through Bisankhu Narayan, one of the four Narayans  of Kathmandu. Lakuri Banjyang has a paragliding spot which is seasonal. The Chyang(wine made of rice) and Tusa(Bamboo vegetable) are speciality of lakuri Banjyang.

3. Dulikhel to NamoBuddha: Starting from Dhulikhel(15 km from Kathmandu), we should take a snake like road or some short-cuts to reach the Gumba situated at Panauti which is very peaceful place. Bus can be taken back from Panauti to Bhaktapur.

4.Sankhu to Manichood: The best season for this hike is in the day of Janai Purnima which falls in July. The place hosts a big mela on that day on the Kunda situated there.

5.Sankhu to nagarkot: This is more a biking route than the hiking route. If you want a real biking experience you should go nagarkot through this way. You will enjoy free 'kafal' if you are travelling in April -May.

These are the hiking routes I have travelled and found interesting. Apart there are other hiking routes which I have heard about and not travelled yet like Sitapaila-Seto Gumba, Balaju-Ichangunarayan, Balaju-Nagarjun, Farping-SeshNarayan, Thankot-ramkot, Chovar-Farping and other many more which I will try to cover very soon.

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