Journey to Jhoor, Tokha, Kathmandu

Posted on May 30, 2012 by ER Saurav Shrestha under Hiking

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Our journey started in search of peace and tranquility which ended at Jhoor, Tokha, Kathmandu, Nepal. After finishing our official meeting, me and three of my friends headed towards Tokha. Everone was tired and frustrated with the official task and was really in a hunt of some refreshment.We stopped at Bhootkhel, its a huge ground at Tokha which is a football ground and a picnic spot as well. We just rested our muscles laying on the ground and exploring the wide blue sky. We took some beautiful snaps of the greenery and the enchanting sceneries. But our desire for peace was still not fulfilled, so we continued our journey heading towards Jhoor,Tokha. It's a waterfall named in Newari language and is situated on hill top. The road was a bit curvy and steep but riding was simply a fun. We ended at some resort where we had local chicken curry, beer and other snacks. The scene from that resort was awesome. We captured numerous snapshots of kathmandu valley and the unsung beauty of Jhoor. Finally our desire was successfully achieved. The calmness of Jhoor and the cool weather really refreshed our mind. Jhoor,such a nice place for peace lovers.

On the way back home, we were lucky to see the sunset from Tokha. It was so beautiful which attracted us to capture with our DSLR camera. Altogether a nice adventure.

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