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You must have heard about train station, bus station, workstation etc but what about a momo station where people come to eat different varieties of momo and yes only momo. A new fast food momo brand called Momo Station has recently been launched in Nepal which has target to expand upto 200 momo outlets around Nepal both inside and outside Kathmandu valley in 6 years of time. The CEO of Momo Station, Resham Lama has a handful of experience in food and beverage industry in UK.

Momo is one of the popular foods in Nepal which does not require any season to eat. Eating momo in Nepal is very common and almost everyone loves mo:mo. It would be very hard to find a nepali who doesn't eat momo. Some people even say that they can't live without momos :).

Where will Momo Station be located?

Currently, Momo station has an outlet at Chettrapati. And they have plans to open outlets at Naxal, New Road, Thamel, Durbarmarg and also in Pokhara, Itahari and Bhairahawa.

What will Momo Station Serve?

- Momo Station will serve 10 different varieties of mo:mo including its special juicy momo and sea food momo.

- It will also serve 25 different types of sauces. 

How much does it cost per plate?

- Nrs. 120 to Nrs. 170 per plate.

- 3 sauces will be served free. Any additional sauce will cost Nrs 5-10 per sauce.


What is the contact number of Momo Station?

01-4249371 , Branch: Chettrapati, Kathumandu Nepal.

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