Jhamsikhel(Jhamel) a new tourist hangout place in Kathmandu, Nepal

Posted on Mar 8, 2013 by ER Saurav Shrestha under Food And Living

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Jhamsikhel now popularly known as Jhamel has become a haven for tourists, expats, locals and food gourmets. Jhamel was talk of the town in recent times as it offers an assortment of restaurants which serves incredible variety of cuisine. To my cusiosity, I was so very excited to go to some of the famous restaurants at Jhamel.

These are that, famous restaurants that I checked in.

Tamarind Restro and Bar is one of the best places for family dining. It has a strikingly welcoming entrance and it is segregated into three different dining areas. It serves great barbeques and sea food. There is live music played by the local bands every day. Which makes the ambience warm and sophisticated plus it has ample space for parking.

For Friday night hangout you can go to Le Trio, a great place for all ages and all tastes. It serves continental and Nepali cuisine. This place is famous for momo which is served with uniquely sumptuous jhol achar that adds spiciness and a zing in the momos.

Chai Chai is the best place to hop in during the lazy weekend or it is also a place for quiet meal and for elongated conversations. Their signature cuisines are wrap, vineyard chicken and pasta.

Moksh Live Restaurant and Bar is the best place for dining outdoor. You can get whiff of the artistic air that circulates at Gyan Mandala as you enjoy great coffee and pizza. Another good place for outdoor dining is Vesper which is popularly known as the Jhamel Star. It is divided into a sun-bathed patio and a cooler inside.

If you are looking for great ambience to dine, then Bu Keba-the Organic Village Cafe is the best place to venture. It has a creative seating arrangements and the staff provides generous service which makes you feel like you are at home. Yet another place where you can dine is Chapter 9.


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