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Nepal with diverse tribes and ethnic groups in different localities has different taste to Food. Even though Western foods are quite popular in Nepal, the craving for local foods still remains. Nepalese have their own recipes for that matter. The foods are deliciously mouth-watering and yet healthy.



It’s a unique food popular as ‘Newari Pizza’. It’s actually made from rice flour. Flat bread is made out of the flour and some delicious topping is done. Topping could use some egg, meat, sugar and vegetable. The fun part is the pizza is very healthy despite being very tasty. It is greatly loved by Tourists.



It is basically common among rather deprive community in the hilly region. It is made of Wheat and Maize. The food is completely sugar-free and has great nutritional benefits. It’s one of the foods in Nepal loved by Tourists.  Gundrook on the other hand is dried spinach. When boiled in water, it gives a sour taste. When combined with Dheedo, it’s a perfect flavor.


Potato Bamboo shoots:

Popularly known as ‘Alu Tama’ in Nepal, it is very delicious. It is a curry containing bamboo shoots and potato which when ready is sour to taste.



This is a very popular Nepali food consumed by all Nepalese two times a day. ‘Dal’ is a lentil soup and ‘bhat’ is steamed rice. With these two major components, pickles are also served. Pickles could be fermented or fresh made out of right ingredients using spices such as chilly, ginger, oil, tomato, radish, lapsi, coriander, turmeric, etc.



It is bread in circular shape made out of rice. It is made at home during ‘Tihar’ and Puja. It is prepared in ghee or oil. It is often sent to family members living at a distance as a remembrance.



This is a traditional Newari food prepared for festivals. Yomari is prepared using rice flour, chaaku, meat, keema, black gram paste and khua. It is fig-shaped. It is very popular and great to taste.


Nepali Pua:

It is a Nepali sweet prepared in ghee. Its major ingredient is sugar, water, spices and rice.



This is a ‘Nepali pulau’ made of rice. Rice is deeply roasted in ghee and steamed. It is occasionally cooked and is served with either curry or fried potato.



Kheer is a dish prepared from rice, milk and sugar. It is actually a ‘rice pudding’.


Dahi cheura:

This dish is a mixture of curd and beaten rice with sugar. It is generally consumed as a festive delight on Asadh 15th every year.



Satoo is the powdered mixture of roasted maize and soybean. It is considered as very nutritional diet.  It is also consumed as a drink with water.



This is a wine made of Fermented Millet seeds and water which when put in wooden mug    gives a unique taste. It is very popular among lama community drank mostly in winter to ward off the cold.



Made by Newari community this millet based alcohol also has some antiseptic benefits.

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