Christmas in Kathmandu, Nepal

Posted on Dec 31, 2013 by ER Saurav Shrestha under Culture and Festival

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It's an another cold Christmas at Kathmandu yet again. I and my soul mate planned to celebrate the 2013's christmas eve with a romantic dinner at some quiet place away from regular christmas party crowd. So we planned to go to Bhaktapur for the same.There were decorations with Christmas tress and Santa's pictures in most of the shops and restaurants as well as most of the business centers were fully affected by Christmas. 
We began our day by doing some shopping for our friends and relatives.We went to World United Trade Center (WUTC), Tripureshwor where there was artifically created show. It was really beautiful. we play on that for sometimes then We went to Bhatbhateni Super Market at Koteshwor. There was a huge crowd as there was special Christmas discount in many items. We bought gifts and chocolates for our friends and relatives. We also got Santa's hat as a 
special gift from the supermarket. After that we headed to Bhaktapur.
As we reached Bhaktapur, we had to decide which restaurant to go as there are many famous restaurants and hotels. It was nearly dark then we chose to go to Hotel Greenland on the way to Shiddha Pokhari. It was a peace and quiet place with beautiful garden. There were foreigners there ready to celebrate Christmas eve. We started with a hot cup of coffee with some hot starters as it was too cold. Then we joined the foreigners who were singing Christmas song and dancing around the fire having BBQ.The BBQ was so delicious that made me lick my fingers. We had some beer and started to sing and dance with them. It was almost 10:30 PM, so we decided to stay there. At 11:00 PM we had our dinner along with the good old foreigners. 
Everyone was waiting for the clock to tick 12:00 AM. We kept drinking, singing and danced continuously. Then it was 12:00 AM, all of us shouted saying "Merry Christmas" and wished each other. After half an hour all of us went to bed.
It was really a nice experience celebrating Christmas with foreigners. Me and my soul mate is eagerly waiting to celebrate 2014 New Year eve with another grand style. 

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