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Kathmandu, May 9: Nepalis are observing the Mata Tirtha Aunsi or the Mother’s Day today by showing respect and reverence to their mothers with gifts and various delicacies. Sons and daughters on this day of the New Moon Day in the Nepali month of Baisakh according to the lunar calendar take bath early in the morning and give presents consisting of clothes and delicacies to their mothers and take blessings from her.

Likewise, people who have already lost their mothers, make ritual offerings in the name of their late mothers, praying for eternal peace to the departed soul. A big religious fair takes place today at Matatirtha, a place near Thankot to the west of downtown Kathmandu.Like any other society, the Nepali society very much reveres mothers while the Hindu scriptures extol mothers’ love and sacrifice for their offspring.

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