Sundarijal (popular for Canyoning and Hiking)

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SUNDARIJAL (Yet another place to hike and experience Canyoning)


District: Kathmandu

Zone: Bagmati

Distance from Kathmandu: 15 km

Avg. Temperature: 25.5˚C (summer), O ˚C (winter)



We think about all sorts of places in Kathmandu but along the way tend to forget this incredibly beautiful site. It is so amazingly natural and beautiful that people who visit Sundarijal are bound to get their herds together and climb up to the peaceful top.


It is also an ideal place for Canyoning. Most tourists find it very adventurous and breath-taking while they climb down the falling water.


Sundarijal boasts wonderful waterfalls and a serene grassy green atmosphere completely free of pollution and roars of traffics. It takes one to the basics and relieve them from all sorts of problem maybe just for few hours depending on their decision to stay.


It is also a starting point to the Langtang range. No wonder people accumulate here with fresh hiking stamina. They love to swim in the river and sit down on heavy stones and enjoy the lovely look out Sundarijal has to present.


I remember the rush of blood that I felt when I first saw this place. Could this be really Nepal? Well beg your pardon but I am from Kathmandu and thus used to the traffics and pollution. So this was all new to me and I remember myself sitting on one of those stones dipping my feet under the water and singing some soft songs. I recall how wonderful it felt to be at the place and I still rejoice the feeling of peace that I had felt there.


Some facts about Sundarijal you may not know

1.       It has some amazing wildlife like Himalayan Black Bear, Jungle cat, Leopard and Rhesus Monkey

2.       It has 177 Species of Bird

3.       129 species of Mushroom

4.       102 species of Butterfly

5.       It has some temples like Ganesh, Sundarimai and Krishna


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