Canyoning in Nepal an amazing sport

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Canyoning is all about fighting over your fear. It’s about adventure and guts.

So are you that person who is willing to descend down in the direction of waterfall and succeed in swimming to the shore?

If you are that person and if you are looking for cheap yet most entertaining programs associated to your hobby then ‘WELCOME TO NEPAL’.

You may not know that Nepal is the world’s second most rich country in water resources and it gives you a plenty of options for this sport.

Unlike other countries you do not have to go through hiking and trekking for long hours to reach to the spot of Canyoning. Nepal has locations appropriate for this measure nearby its capital city Kathmandu. There are 20 different identified spots for Canyoning in Nepal and countless other spots which are still being researched. One of the most popular spot lies in Bhote-Koshi Tibet highway.

There are certified guides who will help you in this adventure.

Canyoning was formally introduced in Nepal in 1996.

Since then the lovers for this sport has been increasing significantly every year in Nepal.

So if you are looking for this kind of adventure, pack your bag and get the next flight to Nepal.

I’m sure you will not be disappointed.


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