Water Touch Bungee( Bungy ) at Pokhara Nepal

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Nepal’s adventure tourism sector is all set to welcome a new member-the Water Touch Bungy. Situated at Hemja near the Tibetan Camp in Pokhara, the around 80m high bungy will consist of a cliff of 50m and 32 m of a steel tower. The facility is expected to come into operation from the first week of September. High Ground Adventures Pvt. Ltd. is building the world’s highest bungy of this kind. 
The adventure lovers who jump of the steel tower for the water touch bungy will ultimately dive into a natural pond some 15-20m deep. The company who has been operating the Zip-liner in Pokhara is promoting the new establishment as bungy with a thrill. Pokhara is already famous in the world for a plethora of adventure sports from Paragliding, parahawking, zip-flyer, trekking, Stand up paddle and many more. Addition of ‘Water touch bungy’ will surely boost up adventure tourism in Pokhara.

It is officially OPEN now!!!!
Some Facts:
Do you know, this will be the Highest Water Touch Bungee in the world. 
Where it is?
Hemja, Pokhara 
Height of the Jump?
80 meter
Price Ranges?
NPR 4,500 to 5,000 with (Video and Photograph)

Image Source: ( Nepal number 1 news portal ) 
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Stay tuned for more on ‘Water touch Bungy’  
Their official video:

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