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Bungee at the Last Resort

Last Resort, the only place for Bungee jumping in Nepal, lies almost at the last or Northern most Border of Nepal with China, the border being only 14 Kilometers from the Resort. The resort is about 96 Km from the Capital City Kathmandu. The Last Resort controls and manages Bungee Jump, Swing, Rock Climbing and other adventurous packages. Early booking for the jump can be done from their outlets in Thamel. The prices differ according to the package you take.
The next day we were asked to arrive at the last resort office, Thamel at 5:30. The buses which were arranged by Last resort was supposed to arrive at 6, so keeping the behavior and Nepali time on context we were asked to join in half an hour early. Even though the ride wasn’t comparatively far, reaching their before 10 was crucial since Last Resorts sees 40 Bungee jumpers and similar number of Swing jumpers every day. The early morning ride was fine, even though extremely cold. It didn’t take more than 30 minutes to reach Sanga, with the new 8 lane roads and early morning traffic. In no time we had crossed the pass through Sanga and entered Banepa. After that the bus went considerably slow, considering the road conditions and all. Half way through the ride, the bus stopped at a small hotel in the highway for Breakfast. After about half an hour rest, it was nonstop bus ride to Bhotekoshi river or Last Resort. As the destination got nearer everyone kind of sensed that eventually they’d have to jump and most of them were talking about quitting once they got there, or not being able to do it. Fear was flowing right through the seats of the bus, parallel to Bhotekoshi river flowing on the right side anti parallel to us. Finally we reached the destination. 
The bridge, refered to as Naya Pool “New Bridge” lies exactly above the highway and separate habitation on two sides of the hill. When we reached there, there were few people ready to do the bungee and the swing. We had to wait for a while, since its not allowed to walk in the bridge when they jumping is on. So we stayed at the other side of the bridge and watched as other jumpers screamed in excitement and fear. It looked fine and doable from the side.  But when we were called to the resort side for the briefing, as we walked on the bridge and reached the middle platform, all of us had that look on the face, the scared look and doubt if anyone of us could actually do it. As soon as we crossed the road everyone started to ask if you can do it or not. Imagining the jump from the bus was pretty easy compared to what lied back at the bridge. Fear crept right thought the brains and struck the heart as the heart started beating at the speed of sound. Then we were called for briefing, and that was when everyone started to think it was doable, as the crew member assured us regarding how safe it was, how the harnesses were tied and what factors we should consider before jumping. A quick lesson on everything was provided. Then everyone was asked to jump on a weight scale and the weight was noted down on the back of the hands. The group was divided according weight and what they were doing, B for bungee and S for Swing, for example a guy who is 70 KG would have 70 B written on his hand and if he was doing swing 70 S and SB for both. Why separate according to weight someone might ask, that’s because, as we were told, the bungee cord are designed for particular weight limits only. Then the first group was asked to go on to the bridge and wait for their turn.

All of us went back to the bridge, confident enough to jump, but as soon as everyone walked into the bridge that look came into everyone’s face once again. We just stayed there, shaking our legs and hands until the crew and the bungee master arrived. Then they asked us to line up according to increasing weight and the one with highest would go first in decreasing order.  Most of the scared ones, and especially those with low weights got a chance to be acquainted with the height while waiting for their turns. The bridge is pretty high about 160 meters and the drop includes a free fall of about 3 seconds in Bungee and about 7 seconds in Swing. So according to our weights, we were called and then the crew members arranged all the harness and ropes and everything while one of the crew member was taking a video, which you can buy if you want to and If you don’t its fine. They’ll also provide you with a helmet fit Go Pro video which will take your facial expression during the fall. After waiting at the bridge for about half an hour for the turn, most of the jumpers were already used to the height but as soon as everyone walked up to the platform they knew it wasn’t that easy.  As soon as you’re fitted with the harness and ropes you’re asked to walk to the platform like a penguin because your legs will be tied so you have to walk like a penguin with 160 meters drop below you. If you’re not scared then, then you’ll never be!  The free fall is scary, super scary ! You don’t know what to do at that time, but when you feel the rope after few seconds you feel like  you’re still alive and then you’ll get the hang of it, only shortly the rope will recoil and throw you up, that’s scary and after that you will enjoy the second and third recoil. As soon as the jump is done, the crew at the bottom of the river will provide you a bamboo stick to grab onto and then they’ll take you down. You need to walk for about 20 minutes to get back to the Resort. Where your lunch awaits, courtesy of The Last Resort, included in the price for the Bungee/Swing Package! And the package is worth it! 

How to reach there?
 You can directly take bus to Bhotekoshi, or you can take a package at the last resort which will include pick and drop, you choice of adventure along with a lunch.
How long does it take?
4 hours to the max. 
What can you do at the last resort?
Bungy Nepal-style!
Canyon Swing
High Ropes
White Water Rafting
Anything else?

You get a video of your jump along with still shot and the Last resort T shirt after the jump. Of course if you want to buy it, which costs 1500 Nrs. 

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