Waterball in Pokhara Fewa Lake

Posted on Jan 15, 2015 by NepalTravel under Boating

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Waterball has been introduced in the Fewa Lake( Phewa Taal) in Pokhara. The water ball is a large inflatable transparent ball that allows a person inside it to walk across the surface of water body. The ball is zippered to allow easy entry and exit and keeps rolling on the water surface. As per the manager of operation, there are currently 12 such waterballs that are being used in Fewa lake and soon they plan to expand the facility to Begnas lake. The balloon like ball is pumped with air after anyone seals the zipper and then rolled on the water surface. One waterball has enough oxygen for almost 45 mins and has safety handles both outside and inside the ball.

As of now, the rate for a 45min rolling in Fewa lake inside a waterball would be NRs.300 for Nepalese citizens and NRs. 500 for foreigners.

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