Boating at Begnas Lake

Posted on Jun 19, 2012 by ER Saurav Shrestha under Boating

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It was a bright and sunny day, me and my friends were thinking about to return back to Kathmandu after having new year party at lake side Pokhara. The party was a blast, really awesome. While returning back to Kathmandu, almost after travelling 10 km , we see the way to Begnas Lake. We changed our destination and moved towards the direction of  Begnas Lake as it was a mere beauty. Here every visitor needs to park their bike, bus or anything at the parking area. Then we took 10 minutes on foot to reach the Lake. On the way we found fresh fish on sale which was local of Begnas Lake and some avreage type of Resort.Then we decided to go for a boating at that very lake. Well the cost of boating was very cheap as compared to that of  Phewa Lake, We had an hour of boating also one can reserve for the whole day as well. The lake area is very peaceful and we saw plenty of foreigner reading books and magazines on boat. Some love couples were swimming together and enjoying fishing. Furthermore the view of Mountain range was amazing. Well to be frank I really enjoyed boating at Begnas Lake than Phewa Lake because of less crowd and calmness scenario over there . We you all should try and visit Begnas Lake to feel the true creation of nature.

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