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Entering Nepal by Land (India,China,Tibet)

There are just eight entry points into Nepal by land open to foreigners, from which six are from India and two from Tibet.Traveling by bus is recommended if you can cope with long hours ride in return for fascinating views of valleys, mountains and snail-tail roads. The easiest and hassle free overland route to Nepal from India is via Gorakhpur using train and the Sunauli/Belahiya border post.  All visitors coming to Nepal by land must enter only through one of these entry points. The tourists arriving the country with their vehicles must acquire an international carnet or complete customs formalities.

1.   List of Entry point between Nepal –India border

Kakarbhitta, Birgunj, Belhiya, Bhairahwa, Nepalgunj, Dhangadi, Mahendra Nagar
2.    Entry point between Nepal-China Border



Entering Nepal via India

The crossing points from India include Mahendranagar, Dhangadhi and Nepalgunj in the west, Sunali, Birganj and Kakarbhitta in the east. It’s very necessary that you book your tickets from a reputed and trusty agency to avoid deceive. Another important thing to mind is that there is no tourist bus in either side of the borders and everyone has to change buses at the border whether they book a through ticket or not. You can board direct buses to the Nepal border from Delhi, Varanasi, Calcutta, Patna and Darjeeling. From the border, you can board Nepali buses to Kathmandu.

Entering Nepal via Gorakhapur-Sunauli India

As being Gorakhpur one of the major Train Station which is near from Nepal. Many Travellers use Gorakhpur as a last last train stop and will come to Nepal. Gorakhpur station can be reached from Banglore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Calcutta almost all the major places of India. From Gorakhpur, travellers can take the Local Bus or Micro to Sunauli Border (Nepal-India). The Sunauli can be reached within one and half hours to two hours maximum. After reaching the Sunauli border at India side, The Travellers has to cross the border by walking around 5 minutes and can be reach Nepal. From Sunauli(Nepal) anyone can find the vechilces easily to Bhairawaha, Lumbini , Pokhara and Kathmandu easily.

Entering Nepal via Tibet

You can cross the border into Nepal from Tibet via Kodari.

Leaving Nepal
Always, but always, reconfirm reservations, or chances are the airlines will cancel them. Take time before your trek or river rafting tour to reconfirm your flight out of Nepal.




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